KittySpring moves to Indiegogo after raising over $780K
KittySpring moves to Indiegogo after raising over $780K
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With its brilliant debut on Kickstarter on July 14, KittySpring, the most cat-friendly fountain in the market featuring a gravity system and elegant design raised over 780K on Kickstarter with the help of almost 13,000 backers. KittySpring has now moved to Indiegogo to give even more cat parents a chance to get this cat-friendly fountain for their fluffies.

"The tremendous support from cat parents gives us superpowers to design a fountain that will meet the drinking standards of even the pickiest cats," said Rayman Wu, Founder and CEO of Desimore Inc.

KittySpring is a long-term investment in your cat's health. It ensures the fluffy's 2-day water supply, serving it from a large and shallow dish to deliver an enjoyable and whisker-safe drinking experience.

"One of the great things about KittySpring is that the reservoir is large, so you can go out to work safe in the knowledge that your cat will have plenty of water, even if medical problems mean they're drinking far more than normal!" says Dr Joanna Woodnutt, BVM ,BVS, BVMedSci, relief veterinarian and owner of the Veterinary Content Company.

Made from FDA and RoHS certified materials, KittySpring is also absolutely safe for your cat. Moreover, with stable support and a non-slip pad, the naughty paws will have a hard time flipping it over. 

All these features along with the unique design have attracted the attention of top tier media such as New Atlas, GeekyGadgets, TrendHunter, Yanko Design and others. 

Recently, considering the backers' requests for the glass dish, the company introduced the Glass Version of the fountain in addition to its original BPA-free Regular Version.

All this wouldn't be possible without a community of loyal backers who believed in the product and a dedicated team.

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