Geek+ breaks 11/11 Singles' Day record with 13.19 million orders delivered in 36 hours
Geek+ breaks 11/11 Singles' Day record with 13.19 million orders delivered in 36 hours
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Geek+ is proud to announce it has broken a new record and successfully delivered 13.19 million orders within 36 h during this year's 11.11 Singles' Day shopping holiday, demonstrating the efficiency, flexibility, and power of robotics warehouses.

Through the deployment of nearly 5,500 AMRs on more than 300,000 square meters of warehouse space, Geek+ has created the world's largest robot warehouse group operation for Singles' Day, allowing over 100 companies and brands to manage peak and meet customer expectations during one of the world's largest shopping holidays.

With a 60% year on year increase and a 36h delivery rate of 97%, double that of manually operated 3PL warehouses, Geek+ large-scale robotics network is one step closer to creating an intelligent and agile supply chain in China.

Geek+ cloud brain, the company's proprietary software system was a key component to success. The peak capacity of the entire system for order taking, processing, single-point feedback, pre-processing, and interface feedback processing reached 200,000 single orders/per minute. The system operated smoothly, with zero interruption and zero accidents.

Yong Zheng, founder and CEO of Geek + said: "We are very proud that our solutions help hundreds of brands successfully navigate peak order seasons. With RaaS, we make smart warehousing accessible to businesses of all sizes."

By providing businesses with the opportunity to use the Geek+ Smart Warehouses and temporarily rent robots through Robot-as-a-Service, Geek+ reduces the initial investment and lowers the entry threshold while improving the efficiency of robot use and reducing overall operating costs. In turn, it allows companies to quickly scale operations to manage order peak and build resilience through flexibility.

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